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Short-term Vacation Rentals & Holiday Apartments

hotel v holiday rental

Is a vacation rental or holiday apartment the right choice for your time in Lisbon? How can you possibly find the right one? Never fear! We’re here to help you figure it out… What is a Holiday Rental? A Vacation Rental or Holiday Rental is any residential property that is made available to travellers on […]

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Make the most of your time in Portugal

To help you plan, we recommend the following (scroll right & left for links): –|– Maps & Neighbourhood Introduction, Lisbon –|– Maps & Neighbourhood Introduction, Algarve –|– Trip Planning Blog –|– Bring the Kids! –|– Cooking Classes & Gourmet History Walks –|– Private Fado Tours –|– Lisbon Conference Centers –|– Press Clippings –|–

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Maps & Introduction – Pena (Arroios), Rossio, Lisboa

On the southern tip of the Arroios parish, Pena is a family neighborhood, home to the Italian Embassy, German Embassy, grassy parks and ponds… and the birthplace of Amália Rodrigues. It’s a non-touristy, quintessentially Portuguese residential area: no hotels, no all-night clubs, no panhandlers. Per the recommendation in “Junior Jetsetter’s” guide book: “This experience is for those wanting to chat up old neighbours and dive into Lisbon’s rhythm.”

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Maps & Introduction – Armona Island, Olhão, Algarve

Armona Island

Armona Island (“Ilha de Armona”) is a pedestrian-only retreat, owned and managed by the Ria Formosa National Park, and reachable via a 15 minute walk-on ferry from Olhão, the Algarve’s largest fishing port.The quick boat ride is a perfect buffer between you and the Algarve crowds: Armona’s many beaches are blissfully empty each morning and evening, and the more hidden of Armona’s beaches — such as the one directly behind Casa Armona– are delightfully wide open during the day… even in August. Perfect for your family holiday!

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Lisbon with kids: Bring the kids to Lisbon!

lisbon with kids

Lisbon is a wonderful city to visit with your children. To make your family’s trip easier, we offer a range of free child-friendly amenities, as well as ideas for activities for children from 9 months to 99 years!

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Cooking Classes & Gourmet History Walks

This page is still under construction. We hope to have more for you soon! For more information about our cooking classes and gourmet history walks, please call or send us an email.

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Private Fado Tours

This page is still under construction. We hope to have more for you soon! For more information about our private fado tours, please call or send us an email.

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Lisbon Conference Centers …and our Corporate Apartments

Lisbon is a popular conference destination and many of our guests are involved in conference activities, either as attendees or presenters. Where are the main Conference Centers in Lisbon? The two most popular Lisbon conference centers are both located near the Tejo River, as you can see on the Google map, below. The Lisbon Congress Centre (Centro de […]

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