Genealogy Research: Portugal & Madeira Island

Services & Fees -- All prices in Euros

1. Standard Genealogy Services

  • To Begin: €200 retainer
    Provides five (5) hours of research for the price of four
  • To Continue, by mutual consent: €50 per hour
    Upon receiving your retainer, PortugueseRoots will conduct a priority record search and produce a three-part Research Report, as described on the Research Page.

    After reviewing the Research Report, you may ask PortugueseRoots to continue researching . . . or opt to use the Action Plan to manage your own future research activities.
    DELIVERABLE: Research Report
    Go to Genealogy Research Order Form

2. No-Risk "Cash on Delivery" Program

  • €65 per Portuguese document, plus related access costs (document acquisition fees, etc.)
  • €50 per U.S. document, plus any related access costs (county clerk fees, etc.)
  • That's it. If we don't find anything, you don't pay anything.
    These requests are processed on a time-allows basis and client must provide enough supporting data to allow for direct access to the document in question. (Please note that if any document acquisition fees are charged in advance, client agrees to pay those when the document is requested.)
    DELIVERABLE: Copy of Document-of-Interest, with English abstract
    Go to COD Document Order Form

3. Translation Services

  • €50 per hour

  • PortugueseRoots translates all types of documents from Portuguese to English.
    DELIVERABLE: Typed translation, electronic format
    Email for more information:

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