Genealogy Research: Portugal & Madeira Island

PortugueseRoots provides professional genealogy research for mainland Portugal and Madeira Island, including the oft-overwhelming research leap from the United States back to the Terra Materna (mother land).

Research is conducted at the various Portuguese National and Regional Archives as well as in Family History Centers, churches, neighborhoods and scattered villages.

At the completion of each pre-paid research phase, you will receive a three-part Research Report which includes:

  • List of Resources Consulted - This detailed information will allow you, or any other genealogist, to continue researching with a minimum duplication of effort
  • Summary of New Discoveries
  • Suggested Action Plan for future research

Foto Quinta Vigia

Quinta Vigia
Funchal, Madeira, mid-1850s

(currently the Governor's residence in downtown Funchal)

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