Kids and Lisbon - Travelling with Children to Lisbon Portugal

visitingportugal lisbon holiday rentals
3 Bedroom
Luxury Lisbon Townhome
180º views over Lisbon
(sleeps 2-6)
Lisbon Vacation Home
from 210€/nite
2 Bedroom
Historic Lisbon Townhome
Game room & Terrace
(sleeps 2-6)
Lisbon Vacation Home
from 140€/nite
2 Bedroom
Historic Lisbon Townhome
Private Garden Terrace
(sleeps 2-5)
Lisbon Vacation Home
no longer available
1 Bedroom
Lisbon View Apartment
Views over Rossio
(sleeps 2-4)
Holiday Apartment
from 95€/nite
1 Bedroom
Lisbon Apartment
Private Entrance
(sleeps 2-4)
Holiday Apartment
no longer available


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children in lisbon traveling with kids to portugal children in lisbon traveling with kids to portugal children in lisbon traveling with kids to portugal
For ideas about what to see and do with kids of all ages, see our Trip Planning Blog.

    We're happy to welcome your children to our Historic Holiday Homes

    With the exception of Casa Ptria (recommended for children over 7 due to open stairways and mezzanines), all of our houses can be set up to welcome children of any age. And there is no extra charge for those under 16!

    Lisbon is a wonderful city to visit with your kids: there are activities for all ages and interests. You can find ideas and links on our our Trip Planning Blog, but we're also happy to work with you to come up with suggestions for the perfect trip for your family.

    For extended families travelling together, you can rent two (or more) houses as a group.

    And to make your family travels easier, we are delighted to provide the following child-friendly amenities free of charge. It's easy now: Bring the Kids to Lisbon!

    Stuff for Teens in Lisbon, Portugal

    + Loaner laptop with wireless internet and IM for Teens
    + Recommendations for surf lessons and equipment rental
    + Beach towels, ice cooler and ice packs
    + Recommendations for shopping, skateboard parks and other sports

    Things for Kids in Lisbon, Portugal

    + Recommendations for accredited, English-speaking babysitters
    + Plastic spoons, plates and glasses
    + Child gates on stairs
    + Child's bathroom stepstool
    + Blow-up beach ball for portable entertainment
    + Maps of zoo, oceanarium and castle
    + Crayons, paper, tape, glue, coloring books, etc
    + Board games and playing cards
    + Details on local parks and water playground, all easy walking distance from the properties
    + Suggestions for child-friendly day trips, from the worlds longest sauropod tracks to an enchanted castle on a tiny deserted island

    NOTE: All VisitingPortugal holiday rental properties provide standard safety equipment such as smoke alarm, fire extinguisher, fire blanket, first aid kit, mini-sewing kit, emergency lighting, night light, loaner cellphone for making emergency calls, as well as contacts for world-class English-speaking doctors and dentists. In addition, our cleaning products are stored in overhead cabinets, out of reach of curious fingers.

    Available for Advance Reservation
    + Football and basketball for use at the local park
    + Beach toys, air mattresses and body board
    + High-chair
    + Booster seat
    + Port-a-crib with fitted sheets
    + Bed rail
    + Baby bath
    + Baby stroller
    + Outlet protectors
    + Infant car seat, under 10 kg (22 pounds)
    + Toddler car seat, under 30kg (65 pounds)
    + Youth car booster, up to age 12 or 1.5m (5'), required by Portuguese law
    + Microwave Sterilizer
    + Hand blender for preparing baby food
    + Children's music CD, English or Portuguese
    + Children's books, English or Portuguese
    + Candy Land board game (if you dare!)


    Most of the childrens books we have reviewed are guaranteed to numb any childs enthusiasm for Portuguese history and travel, so we are thrilled to provide, with each confirmed reservation, a list of our recommended childrens books about Portugal including this newbie:
    Junior Jetsetters Guide to Lisbon

    Each book has been personally selected and reviewed by us, all with the goal of getting your children excited about their upcoming travels to Portugal!

    NOTE: Since some of the books are difficult to find and/or expensive, all of them are available for check-out from the VisitingPortugal Lending Library while you are in town.

    Other Online Resources for Traveling with Children - Keeping Kids Occupied

    Sea lion kisses at the zoo - for the young and young at heart!

    * Casa Ptria is not recommended for children under 7 years old, given its open stairways and mezzanines.

    IMPORTANT: Although we are pleased to provide these complementary items, VisitingPortugal is not liable for the health or safety of children who stay at our properties or use any of these amenities.

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