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3 Bedroom
Luxury Lisbon Townhome
180º views over Lisbon
(sleeps 2-6)
Lisbon Vacation Home
from 210€/nite
2 Bedroom
Historic Lisbon Townhome
Game room & Terrace
(sleeps 2-6)
Lisbon Vacation Home
from 140€/nite
2 Bedroom
Historic Lisbon Townhome
Private Garden Terrace
(sleeps 2-5)
Lisbon Vacation Home
no longer available
1 Bedroom
Lisbon View Apartment
Views over Rossio
(sleeps 2-4)
Holiday Apartment
from 95€/nite
1 Bedroom
Lisbon Apartment
Private Entrance
(sleeps 2-4)
Holiday Apartment
no longer available


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VisitingPortugal FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions

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  • 1. Are you a rental agency?

    No. We own these homes and personally care for them, and for our guests, ourselves.

    (The only ownership exception regards Casa Ptria, which we lease from a neighbor.)

  • 2. Why do you call these "historic" vacation homes?

    Most of the buildings in our Historic Preservation neighborhood were built in the 1500-1800s and all our properties retain their old-world flavor: thick stone walls with deep-set, shaded windows; natural flooring (wood, cork, granite, marble, tile); and, whenever possible, the bedrooms on the lowest possible level.

    These "upside-down" architectural features were refined over the centuries to keep things cool in summer and warm in winter: brilliant and different! Nowhere in this neighborhood will you find McVillas with plate-glass windows... instead, prepare to step back in time.

    In addition, each of our Lisbon homes is protected by the Portuguese government because of its unique value; the exteriors look as they did in the 19th century, with even the paint color regulated to ensure authenticity. On Armona Island, our beach cottage is located within the confines of the Ria Formosa Natural Park, an area zealously controlled by the local government.

  • 3. How do we check-in?

    We will mail you directions for reaching the property (in English for you, in Portuguese for your taxi driver), contact details, and confirmation of your specific check-in time.

    Lisbon. We are fortunate to live here year-round so someone from our family will be waiting at the property to welcome you, deliver your keys, answer any last-minute questions and give you a quick neighborhood tour.

    Armona Island. We have a friend who manages the beach cottage for us. (That is, when we aren't using it ourselves.) There will be a welcome note for you but a guided tour of the island is unnecessary . . . its remote dunes and beaches are best discovered on your own.

  • 4. Can you tell me about this neighbourhood, please?

    To us, the wonder of our Lisbon properties is that they are perched on the periphery of Lisbon's most visited sites, and yet you return each evening to a peace and quiet completely foreign to high-noise, high-traffic neighborhoods such as the Bairro Alto. Around here, neighbors look after one other, children play ball in the street, bread is baked daily, and if one forgets one's wallet, well, just pay another day.

    More specifically, our townhomes, Casa Villa Serra, Casa Joaquina and Casa Ptria, are on a tiny, private lane overlooking the Praa dos Restauradores, a 10 minute walk up from the Rossio; the neighbors include a famous Portuguese actor on one end and the nephew of Amlia Rodrigues on the other.

    Four minutes away from the houses, you'll find our two apartments: Casa Travessa and Casa Santana. Both are located, side-by-side, on a residencial street tucked just above the Rossio. Though none are jaw-droppingly famous, these neighbors are also quintessentially Portuguese, a delightfully friendly mix of omniscient elderly (in the to-be-restored buildings) and young professionals (in the restored ones). This guest captures the spirit beautifully: Casa Santana & Casa Travessa neighborhood

    For more details and photographs, please visit our Neighborhood Information page.

  • 5. Do we need a car in Lisbon? What about renting a car for daytrips?

    Like the guidebooks, we strongly recommend that you avoid the hassle of a car in Lisbon. Taxis, trams, buses and metro are accessible, inexpensive and easy to use. Regional trains take you to outlying towns, beaches and picturesque fishing villages. Moreover, driving in Lisbon is stressful, parking is nearly impossible and Portugal has the highest roadway accident rate in Europe.

    For daytrips outside Lisbon, there are several small, personalized tour companies such as InsideLisbon.com. Another option is to rent a car towards the end of your trip which will require you to only park it one night at the local lot.

    Where to rent a car for the day? At the airport, please. (Downtown Lisbon rental car agencies usually have early closing hours which means you will need to fight your way back into Lisbon through rush hour traffic. Fortunately, the airport is an easy €8, 15 minute taxi ride from the properties and you can usually return your car until midnight.)

    Arriving into Lisbon via rental car? Please return the car to the airport and take a taxi to the properties with your luggage. Several guests have mistakenly decided to return their car to downtown Lisbon agencies and ended up lost and frustrated. Not a fun start to your Lisbon adventures.

    PARKING: Street parking is not available for our Lisbon properties. The best underground parking lot, less than a 10 minute walk away, is approx €10 per day with an entrance directly in front of the German Embassy at the Campo dos Mrtires da Ptria park.

  • 6. Is there wireless internet?

    Each Lisbon property has a wireless network, plus a laptop or netbook. This is provided at no extra charge as a way for you to stay in touch with friends and family via email, research local items of interest, etc. Each also has skype.com installed for long-distance phoning. Please note that these laptops/netbooks are provided for internet/email access only. We can not support the downloading nor copying of files, photos and programs, nor are we able to provide technical support for attaching your digital camera nor mass storage devices. If you prefer to bring your own laptop, we will provide a wireless network password at check-in.

  • 7. Do you offer discounts for long-term rentals?

    Depending on the specifics, we sometimes offer a 15% discount for stays in excess of three consecutive weeks. However, long-term rentals are not our preference.

  • 9. How do you pronounce "Rossio"?

    With a gutteral "r", the accent on the "i" and a soft "oo" as in "boo" : row-SEE-oo

  • 10. Anything else?

    Yes, please don't hesitate to contact us with any questions. We love it when our guests enjoy their time in Portugal; it's wonderfully rewarding.

    Thank you for staying with us!

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