Sep 30

The Art of Being Portuguese?

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Two of our 2004 guests were Margaret Atwood and her charming husband, Graeme, who came to “walk in Pessoa’s footsteps.”  I had always considered Pessoa a literary kook until then, but I’ve since come to think of him fondly.  This New York Times article has some amusing insights into Pessoa and the Portuguese psyche including:

“But he had a way of being that is distinctly Portuguese.” He paused to find the right words. “It has to do with everything and nothing — that we Portuguese can have everything, but still feel we have nothing.”

Portugal, he explained, had discovered half the world by the 16th century but still felt itself a failure for having not discovered the rest. The national mind-set, Mr. Lourenço said, is “a combination of megalomania and humility.”

… Mr. Lourenço gathered his thoughts one more time. “He is the most tragic of the Portuguese poets,” he said. “The pleasure of unhappiness is particularly Portuguese.”

Full article:  Portugal Holds on to Words Few can Grasp (NYTimes)
15 July 2008

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