November 21, 2012

The Aeroporto (Airport) Metro Station is open…

…and while that’s a wonderful thing for the city of Lisbon, we still strongly suggest you take a taxi up to our holiday rentals.

Here’s why: in order to get those lovely views of Lisbon, and give you the feel of being right in the center, but away from the big-city commotion, our self-catering homes and apartments are located near the top of one of the city’s famous seven hills. The nearest Metro stations, however, are at the bottom of the hill. And while it’s a nice walk, normally, with luggage in tow it can feel like quite a slog!

And it might not even save you much money. One-way Metro tickets cost 1,75€ each, while a taxi to our holiday rentals should cost you only about 10€, or less. A group of three people would pay 5,25€ to take the metro, saving just 4,75€. That’s not much to pay for the convenience of being taken right to your door, and not having to maneuver your bags through often-crowded public transportation.

So we encourage you to take a taxi on your way to our holiday homes. We think you’ll find it’s the better value, and a more pleasant way to start your vacation. Plus, once you get to know the neighborhood, if you’re feeling adventurous, you can always take the Metro to the airport when you leave us. It’s much easier to roll or carry your luggage down the hill than up!