Nov 06

Portuguese Music that isn’t Fado: Loucos de Lisboa

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Don’t misunderstand, we love Fado: it’s beautiful, and it speaks so well to the Portuguese soul. But sometimes it seems like Fado is the only Portuguese music around, which just isn’t true

Portuguese Music - Ala dos Namorados

Portuguese Music – Ala dos Namorados

This Portuguese band, Ala dos Namorados, broke up a few years back, but the song is a classic. It’s called “Loucos de Lisboa” (The Madmen of Lisbon) and speaks elequently of the interesting, different and sometimes downright strange people you meet on the streets of Lisbon. Yet it’s the people of the city who provide the unique character that’s so easy to fall in love with!

The chorus says:

These are the madmen of Lisbon,

Who almost make us belive,

The earth turns back on itself,

and rivers are born in the sea…

The pictures are also lovely. Congrats to Hugo Guerreiro, who made the video.

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