May 24

Pap’Açorda (Birthday Confessions)

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Today is my birthday so I splurged:  First, my son and I found ourselves unexpectedly on an errand up north of our historic district.  At noon, we walked past a small neighborhood pastelaria (literally “pastry shop” but often serving much more) and knew it was time for lunch:  the pastelaria had the perfect mix of happy-looking customers of all age ranges.  The incredible picanhas — thin planks of Brazilian beef with rice and black beans — had my son snitching from my plate.  Total for two persons, with huge 20% tip, but no dessert:  €8

This evening, for the big Bday treat, we finally made it to the well-known and much-touted local restaurant called Pap’Açorda.  The arroz de marisco was good.  Total for two persons, including dessert:  €65

Now, if I could only remember what street that pastelaria was on…

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