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What baby gear do you need to keep your time in Lisbon stress-free?

Everyone knows that babies need a ton of stuff. But there’s no need to drag it all halfway around the world when you have baby equipment rental at your destination.

Please note: all of the following can be reserved free of charge by VisitingPortugal guests, and more guest-specific information can be found on our Amenities page. For all others, daily rates are listed. For rentals lasting more than a week, special rates may be available. Please send a request for availability and a full quote.

Items available for baby equipment rental

This service is currently only available in Lisbon. 

We offer free delivery on rentals over 30€. Also, there is no charge for deliveries to the airport during business hours (9am – 5pm, Mon – Fri; 9am – 2pm, Sat). There is a 10€ fee for other deliveries within Lisbon. Prices for deliveries outside Lisbon city limits depend on distance and time of day: ask for a quote.

On the go

(Deposit of 50€ on all items in this category–refundable upon the return thereof)

Not sure which carseat you need? Use this handy guide. 

  • Group 0+ carseat: 9€/day

Baby Equipment Rental: Group 0+ Carseat

Group 0+ Carseat

  • Group 0+/1 carseat: 9€/day
  • Group 2/3 carseat: 7€/day
  • Simple booster (Group 3): 3€/day
  • Reclining Stroller (birth to 3 yrs): 10€/day
Baby Equipment Rental: Reclining Stroller

Chicco London Stroller


  • Manduca ergonomic baby carrier (birth to 3yrs (aprox.), suitable for carrying baby front or back): 5€/day

If you have used a wrap in the past and have a young baby–under 10kg (22lbs)–we also have a stretchy wrap available for the same price. However, we are not qualified to counsel first-time wrap users on correct ties and positioning.

Out and about

(Deposit of 20€ on all items in this category–refundable upon the return thereof)

  • Picnic set (backpack cooler, icepack, plastic plates+cups+silverware): 7€/day

Baby Equipment Rental: Picnic Set

Example picnic set

  • Beach towels: 2€/towel/day
  • Beach toys: 3€/day for a bucket & toy set
Baby Equipment Rentals: Beach toys & Beach towels

Beach toys & towels


(Deposit of 20€ on all items in this category–refundable upon the return thereof)

  • Highchair: 5€/day
  • Folding booster seat: 7€/day
  • Plastic cups/plates/bowls/silverware: 2€/set/day

Around the house

(Deposit of 20€ on all items in this category–refundable upon the return thereof)

  • Age-apropriate books/games/toys: 5€/day for a basket of toys & games

Baby Equipment Rental: Toy Books Games

Examples only

Bed and bath

(Deposit of 20-50€ on all items in this category–refundable upon the return thereof)

  • Baby bath: 3€/day

Baby Equipment Rental: Baby bath

Baby bathtub


  • Child’s stepstool or Toilet seat adaptor: 3€/item/day

Baby Equipment Rental: stepstool & toilet adaptor

Stepstool & Adaptors

  • Travel cot with sheets: 10€/day

Baby Equipment Rental: Travel cot crib

Travel cot / Port-a-crib

  • Bassinet (0-5m) with sheets: 10€/day
  • Baby monitor: 3€/day
  • Nightlight: 1€/day

For more information or to schedule your rental, use our reservation request form or contact us via WhatsApp or by phone at (+351) 91.346.4517.

More about carseats:

Portuguese law requires that children use a carseat when traveling in a private car (but not on public transportation or in taxis) until they reach the age of 12 or 135cm (54in) in height.

Despite this, the correct way to choose a carseat is based on the baby’s weight. Aproximate ages are given only as a guideline.

Choosing the right carseat:

  • Group 0+: Birth to 10-13kg (22-29lbs)

Current safety recommendations are that babies use these rear-facing carseats for as long as they fit in them, height-wise. For most kids, that’s 12-18mo, regardless of their weight.

  • Group 0+/1: 1yr to 18kg (40lbs)

Aprox. ages: 12-18mo to 3-4 yrs

  • Group 1: 9 to 18kg (20 to 40lbs)

Aprox. ages: 18mo to 3/4 yrs

  • Group 1/2/3: 9 to 36kg (20 to 80lbs)

Aprox. ages: 24mo to 12 yrs

These are progressive seats, with various pieces that can be added/removed to fit older or younger kids.

  • Group 2/3: 15 to 36kg (33 to 80lbs)

Aprox. ages: 4/6 yrs to 12 yrs

  • Group 3: 22 to 36kg (48 to 80lbs)

Aprox. ages: 8/9 yrs to 12 yrs

This is just a simple booster seat, with no back.

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Sources: Deco-Proteste (Portuguese “Consumer Reports”),; last updated: 2018

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