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In June 2001, the Klebers kissed Seattle good-bye and moved to our family’s ancestral Portugal to work with Habitat for Humanity/Portugal. Soon afterwards, in an attempt to protect ourselves from the crashing dollar, we decided to panic — no, wait — we diversified into €uro-zone real estate with Casa Joaquina.

We couldn’t be more pleased with the result: sharing our love of the Portuguese people and culture with guests from around the world has been a delight.

Almost 16 years later, our daughter Austin has permanently re-planted her Portuguese roots and married a Portuguese man, Vitor, and our son Drex is trying his hand at college in the US.

So while Jordan and Deb are currently pursuing new adventures back in the States, Austin is managing VisitingPortugal… with a little help from some friends!

Our historical holiday homes include:

  • Casa Joaquina (2004), our first house in Lisbon, located on the same cobbled lane as Casa Villa Serra;
  • Casa Santana (2005), 3 minutes from Lisbon’s bustling Rossio (and 5 minutes from Casas Villa Serra & Joaquina);
  • Casa Armona (2006), originally purchased as a family getaway on Armona Island in the Eastern Algarve, this charming cottage was just too good not to share;
  • Casa Villa Serra (2009), across the street from Casa Joaquina, with its charming neighbors and breath-taking views over Lisbon.

When you come to visit, you’ll meet:

Team Lisbon

Austin cares for the Lisbon houses directly, receiving almost all guests. She lives about 20 minutes away from the properties and is always available to answer questions and help with any problems that arrive. On the weekends and during school holidays, there’s a good chance you’ll meet one or two of her kids, as well.

If Deb or Jordan is in town, they’ll be your neighbours there in bairro da Pena, so there is a good chance you’ll see them around.

Team Algarve

Paulo Nunes and his family have been our friends for years. When they moved back to their hometown of Olhão, we knew they would be the perfect people to care for our guests at Casa Armona.

Paulo loves his city, and is happy to provide tips about what to see and how best to see it. And if there’s a problem, he’s only a boat-ride away. Besides the fun of helping guests discover the best of the Algarve, managing Casa Armona gives Paulo and his wife Ema the flexibility to care for their daughters Tamara, Taíssa (who has trissomy 18) and Tabita. You can read more about their hopes for Taíssa’s health on their Facebook page.

Many thanks to all our guests for the support and encouragement.

We look forward to seeing you someday soon.
Until then, Godspeed.

Austin, Jordan & Deb

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